The must-watch Netflix original TV shows you need to stream right now

Also, because they are the most likely movies and TV shows available on a global scale

The internet just went bonkers. Because Netflix has hit the on switch for an additional 130 countries, granting access to its library of movies and TV shows

That hype, however, is short-lived. While you can finally access the streaming service without VPN or DNS services, there’s one huge caveat. Some of your favourite movies or TV shows aren’t available in your region.

That means you won’t find out how Ted Mosby finally meets his children’s mother after nine seasons of painful dating in How I Met Your Mother.

Still, Netflix has a treasure trove of content, and most importantly, original ones produced by the company that are more likely to be available in all regions. The list is just as huge, numbering more than 60 movies, shows and documentaries till now.

To start you off, we won’t be listing everything. Just the must-watch Netflix original TV shows to binge-watch over the weekend. So get comfy in your jammiess, melt into the couch and chill.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

If you aren’t familiar with Miss Jones, don’t be shocked that she isn’t the shining heroine you’d expect.

Sure, she has superhuman strength and is able to (almost) fly. But Jessica Jones is just as broken and flawed as us mere mortals, with equally painful struggles over doing the right thing versus self-preservation.

However, once you’re done watching the full season, you’ll be thinking, if she can come out stronger after all the pain, so can you.

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Reel life is much more exciting than real life. But Narcos, which tells the story of real-life notorious Pablo Escobar, is so riveting because it’s actual fiction.

Well, almost. There are some liberties taken in the show but what you can’t fake is Wagner Moura’s spellbinding act as the Colombian drug lord.

Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride as you see the lead actor switch between a man of the people, to scheming mastermind of nefarious illegal activities.

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Master of None

Don’t be fooled by the title. The romantic comedy, helmed by Aziz Ansari of Parks and Recreation fame, is very masterful in its storytelling of an aspiring TV actor trying to make it big in the city.

The show’s main draw is still rooted in the premise that works well for most sitcoms - person attempts to find love in the world and ends up in a series of unfortunate and comedic events.

However, under the mask of humour and the perils of dating in New York, the show also explores the deeper issues revolving around racial representation in the entertainment industry.

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