Life hacks for an affordable and pleasant AirBnB experience

We'll help you say goodbye to dirty bathrooms and dodgy hosts

Founded in August 2008, AirBnB exploded in popularity and became a worldwide business that revolutionised the travel industry. Its extraordinary growth is no surprise given its numerous points of attraction. Not only do travellers get a spacious room for a more than reasonable price, they get the flexibility and experience of staying in a city in a way that no hotel could possibly offer.

However, using AirBnB might be daunting at first because you might not know how to get the most out of your stay with your foreign hosts, but these tips and tricks may just be what you need to get the best experience.

Search and Research

The best way to maximise your time in an AirBnB establishment is to find out what you want and filter your search based on your requirements. So what should you consider?

The Neighbourhood

Unlike Singapore, not all countries are as safe as we would like them to be. Some locales in certain cities may be dangerous, so you might want to avoid them. Apart from safety considerations, you may want to find out the facilities or tourist attractions near your choice of stay in order to maximise your trip.

Do you need a grocery store nearby? Do you need to have access to a bus or train stop within walking distance if you aren’t planning to rent a car or take a cab? Refer to websites like TripAdvisor for more information on the exact location where you intend to stay. The last thing you want is to go to a beautiful house with the train station a 30-minute walk away.

Within the app itself, you can see a preview of the location on a small map once you select the listing of choice. Clicking it once more gives you a full view of its surroundings, and you can browse the map like you do on Google Maps to give you a better idea of where you are living.

How do you choose your neighbourhood?

1. Choose your city on airbnb.com

2. Under the price range slider, click More Filters.

3. Go to the Neighbourhoods section, then the neighbourhood you want.

The Apartment Type

You can choose from shared or private rooms or even entire homes. It depends on your budget and needs.


Do you need Wi-Fi, air con, a kitchen for cooking, or lodging in an expensive city? Set filters in the app, so you spend less time scrolling to find what you want. You can review your apartment’s amenities within the app by tapping on the button below to check if they have what you need. 

Pets Alert

If you insist on bringing a pet along somehow, make sure you have this option ticked in your amenities. It will also say if the host is a pet owner, so if you are allergic to cats or afraid of dogs, keep this in mind.


Choose how much you want to pay so you don’t waste time looking for apartments you can’t afford.

Beef Up Your Profile

You want a reliable host, and hosts want a reliable guest. An anonymous profile with little details about you probably doesn’t tell the host much, if anything at all. It’s worse off if you don’t have a picture. A nice warm picture may just lower your host's guard and give you some bargaining space.

Add a shipping address

Here’s why this is important. Let's say you don’t fill in your address. If you leave something behind, say your fiance’s engagement ring, it might be difficult for the host to return it to you. Leaving them your shipping address could help them send your things back to you if they are kind enough.