Joke’s on you: The best tech trickery on this April Fools' day

Google keyless keyboard

Google Japan is on an April Fools roll. This keyless keyboard is a party horn -or piro-piro in Japanese- with an infrared sensor that analyses the length to define letters when you blow into it. It then feeds that information to your phone via Bluetooth. Perfect for situations when you have to go hands-free and can’t count on unreliable voice recognition.

Future plans include placing a wind turbine generator to create your own energy. How environmental.

Google in reverse

Ever wanted to test your skills of reading things backwards? You now can with this reverse version of Google search.

In fact, you can up the difficulty level by first changing the language settings to hacker or Klingon. Give it a go yourself at (See what they did there?)


Go to the Chrome app on your mobile. You’ll find that a new Share a Reaction option has popped up in the sidebar. What this does is to allow you to take a snapshot of your reactions as you view different sites. Really handy for capturing your true emotions which you can then share on your social media sites, or directly with an individual.

Time to find out who those blank-faced "LOL" typers are.