6 things we love about the OnePlus 5... and 6 things we don't

... 4 THINGS WE DON'T...

1) The overly familiar looks

It's not quite 50 shades of grey, but... You only get a grand total of two colour choices: Midnight Black and Slate Grey. There's not a massive difference between them, either. Having seen both in the flesh, one is slightly blue-er, but both look distinctly monotone compared to the more colourful Samsungs, HTCs and even iPhones of this world.

Speaking of iPhones, those dual cameras around back make the OnePlus 5 look an awful lot like an Apple handset. Previous efforts had their own unique design, but this year there's less to separate it from the rest of the pack. Even if it is very well-made.

2) No expandable storage, again

If you wanted more storage in a last-gen OnePlus phone, you had to pony up extra cash when buying one - there was no microSD card slot, even though there was room for twin SIM cards.

Now that other phones have gone with a hybrid SIM setup, with a second SIM card slot also doubling as microSD storage, we had our fingers crossed that the OnePlus 5 would do the same.

Sadly, though, it's business as usual: you can load up two SIM cards at once, but there's no space for expandable storage. That 64GB Slate Grey option not enough for you? Then you'll have to pay £50 extra and grab the 128GB Midnight Black handset instead.

3) Waterproofing still doesn't make the cut

Pretty much every major flagship phone has some kind of water resistance now - but OnePlus hasn't managed to find room in the budget to add it here. That means any accidental dunkings - be that in a swimming pool, sink, toilet bowl or pint glass - could spell disaster.

While we don't get to spend anywhere near as much time lounging pool-side as we'd like, our temperamental British summertime means rain is never that far away. With other phones, that's not a problem, but you'll have to be a lot more careful with a OnePlus 5 in your palm.

4) Low-light camera could be better

Now this is nit-picking, seeing how the OnePlus 5's dual cameras are excellent in just about every other aspect, but when the sun goes down, it can't quite keep up with the very best of the smartphone world.

Tiny phone camera sensors are never going to be as good as full-size snappers in low light, but handsets like the Google Pixel, Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 all take superior shots. The LED flash helps, of course, but for the most part, you'll want to stick to better lit scenes to get the best from those dual lenses.