10 faithful video game to movie adaptations

Doing absolute justice to great games in a film is not easy, so we tip our hats to these official and fan-made films that did it right
Hall of Fame - 10 of the most awesome video game to movie adaptations

We’ve had our facepalm moments when we watched some of the worst video game to movie adaptations over the last few years. Surely, there are some that have been true to the games’ original vision. Watch these movies defeat the final boss of movie mediocrity and enjoy the ride.

Ace Attorney

Otherwise known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan, this live-action film starring rookie attorney Phoenix Wright requires an acquired taste because of its over-the-top costumes and gestures. But true gamers, who love his pointy hair and the gusto of his “Objections!” will agree with how faithful the movie is to Capcom’s adventure game.

Level up moment: Phoenix Wright's signature finger pointing following by an “Objection!”