The world can only fight one invisible enemy at a time, so for the almost-invisible ones in our homes staying rent-free, there’s already a solution. The best puck-shaped robot from Roborock can do the job of two.

It’s probably one of the most intelligent robot vacuum cleaners around and might be the reason for your long naps and focused working hours. It won’t shush the baby or pet the dog, and maybe the utensils will need attention too but you can be assured that your floors will be squeaky clean. 

As is the case with smartphones, pretty much all of them are shaped and sized exactly after the other. Many won’t be able to differentiate the many Android smartphones from the other. Same applies in the world of vacuum robots and their puck-shaped sameness. Although, peek under the hood and you’ll be in awe of the clever engineering that happens to make this floor-kissing robot as efficient and as thorough as possible.

You get one extra filter for the dustbin in the box and no extra/spare parts for the vacuum robot itself. So its good to always pick up a few mops, brushes and filters from Amazon. The same internal design of many vacuum cleaners means that most of these parts are generic across multiple brands of vacuum cleaners. 

Filters usually choke after a full month of use and Roborock says you must clean the dustbin at least once every two weeks. Indian households tend to get more dusty and stuffy than the west so we recommend spending every weekend just cleaning the dustbin and filter. If you have a four-legged furry then you must clean the dustbin often. The S6 MaxV will need maintenance too, which we recommend every four weeks. Cleaning the brushes and rotating bits is monkey-easy. We didn’t even need to look up any tutorial but if you find yourself stuck, there are plenty of tutorials and How-tos.

Mops will require regular cleaning. If you’re sending the S6 MaxV on swabbing duties, make sure the mop is cleaned after it tends to each room. The semi-circle mop is not enough to carry the same amount of thorough cleaning across the entire house.

After you’ve understood how to clean and maintain the S6 MaxV, things tend to become hella easy. The app is the only place you’ll spend the most time interacting with the vacuum and it’s well designed too. It reminds us of the many Xiaomi apps but this one is a wee-bit polished and intuitive. 

It has a LiDAR sensor on the top along with two cameras in the front that are essentially the eyes of the robot. You can even use the camera to monitor your furry pets and the robot is smart enough to not wake them up while cleaning.

Cutely enough, you can name your S6 MaxV as well and Google AI will interact with it. It’s not the most useful when voice-controlled. You cannot name rooms and send the S6 MaxV exactly where you want using voice commands. The app is probably the best place to interact with the robot.

That said, the cleaning in on par with the best of the best vacuum robots. Even the iRobot pales compared to Roborock. Simply because of its AI recognition, ground mapping, vacuum and mopping functions. The robot adapts and navigates the house with impeccable accuracy. Object detection and avoidance are fantastic as well. At times it starts to assume any emoji-shaped brown object to be animal poo but it tends to learn over time and get better. Since nothing is stored on the cloud or sent to Roborock, you’ll have to forgive the initial errors before your beloved sweeping robot becomes a sentient butler.

For carpets, the vacuum can generate enough suction that you might never need to sit and scrub the thing yourself. Just be sure to remove the mop bracket. The app lets you decide which rooms or areas need to be vacuumed or mopped, or both and the process is just a couple of taps. Although, we wish we could set the robot to vacuum first and then mop afterwards in a single command but guess that’ll come eventually with updates. For now, you get four levels of vacuum and four levels of water use for mopping. Both can be done together and individually as well. It’s not advisable to add any cleaning agent in the water tank for mopping but we looked it up on Reddit and users say that you can spray the floor with the cleaning agent and have the S6 MaxV wipe the floor then. The best workaround is to can send the S6 MaxV to sweep the floor and then pause or dock it to attach the mop bracket and send it to swab after spraying the cleaning agent. We tried it and it worked well for us. Although, strong cleaning agents tend to leave spots and marks on the floor even after the robot has wipe over it. Try to dilute the solution with water before spraying.

The Roborock app also doesn’t let you name areas within a room as the iRobot app does. It can essentially do the same thing, but its just one step more than the iRobot app. For example, you can mark an area around your dining table to send the robot to clean that specific place but you’ll have to place and adjust a square over the desired area every time with the Roborock app. The iRobot, on the other hand, lets you name that place and have it permanently stick on the map for regular use. It’s a small feature and Roborock has the workaround for it but it just goes to show that there’s room for improvement here.

It’s quite apparent that the S6 MaxV is one of the best vacuum robots around. The great suction power and a respectable mopping tank can clean your house without an angry Indian mother looking over the shoulder. The battery life is fantastic for a 2000sqft house and the app is quite useful and most importantly, bug-free. 

With every update and the more you use the S6 MaxV, the robot simply gets smarter. You can add a no-entry zone and even customise the map to automate the whole process. 

Sadly, the S6 MaxV is not available in India just yet and if you happen to fly it down from the States, you might lose out on the precious warranty. The only thing you can do for now is to send angry emails to Roborock and have them launch one in India. There’s also the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (₹24,999) which is made by Roborock since Xiaomi has invested in them. It can do almost everything the S6 MaxV can and for half the price. 

Stuff says... 

Roborock S6 MaxV review

Simply one of the best robot vacuum cleaners around
Good Stuff 
Smarter than a fifth-grader
Strong suction
Can piggyback a water tank for mopping
Fantastic battery life
Feature-rich app
Cheaply available spare parts and accessories
Bad Stuff