Need music while working out? Try Havit’s i39

Sweat it out for 10 hours

If you work out a lot, then you definitely would be listening to music while doing so. And if you do, why disturb your family members because you need to lose out those extra kilos? Try out the Havit i39 sweatproof wireless earphones that are purpose-built for those who work out indoors or head out for a run. Featuring 6mm drivers in each ergonomically built earbud, the i39 claims to offer better bass performance while lasting you a good 10 hours. Compatible with all voice assistants, these IPX5 BT earphones will also help you call for a cab while your hands are busy holding the umbrella as you cross the streets on a bad monsoon day. The Havit i39 comes in at a very affordable price point of just ₹1,499.