Looking for a set of fancy headphones? Check out Audeze’s iSine range

Music nuts, stop dissing in-ear sets. These planar sets might convert you

They may look like something the Predator would use when chilling out after a spot of intergalactic mayhem, but that just adds to the next-gen appeal.

Audeze has pretty much broken new ground by managing to make a planar magnetic in-ear headset. Sure, they’re much larger than that throwaway set you use on those rare occasions you go to the gym, but Audeze reckons you’ll be a convert once you’ve heard these.

So we get the iSine 10 and iSine 20. With industrial design by BMW’s DesignWorks, a flat-to-10Hz bass response, Audeze’s Fluxor magnets and Fazor waveguides - and an included Cipher Lightning cable (with its own DAC) for use with iPhones (don’t worry, there’s a 3.5mm cable as well) - these certainly are specced out to sound big. And of course, planar tech means distortion levels should be awesomely low.

The iSine 10 has a list price of29,990 while the iSine 20 will list at44,990. The planar duo are available via Headphone Zone.