Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone now an Alexa (pst… free) skill via Audible

Transport to Hogwarts through Stephen Fry’s comforting voice

All the international brands have gone all out to provide entertainment, education and any means possible to either expanse your skillset, give access to otherwise paid-for resources, or simply open the doors to channel the energies of the mini monsters you live with.

Among the pool of resources and skills that Alexa and Amazon have already unlocked for you during the lockdown, here’s a new source of entertainment for those little souls deprived of their evening garden time, morning school and holiday outings. There’s no more planning a visit to London for the Harry Potter Tour; there’s no Platform 9 and 3 quarters to check out at King’s Station.

Take a break from feeling bad about the cancelled holiday plans, snuggle together in bed with a glass of warm milk and let Stephen Fry read the first Harry Potter book to you and the kids in his comforting voice.

You’ve read the books, you’ve seen the films, but this time sit back and live the experience with just the narration. Say Alexa, read Harry Potter Book One and get immersed in Harry’s adventures during his first year at Hogwarts.