Google’s upcoming wireless service may only work with Nexus 6

As big as Google goes with many things, it wants to start small in this arena

Earlier this week at Mobile World Congress, Google’s Android boss Sundar Pichai confirmed rumours that the company would soon launch a wireless service in the United States, letting it have a bit more control over the network that powers Android handsets.

Or, it seems, just one particular Android handset. That’s what the Wall Street Journal is now reporting, citing sources that claim that Google’s service will initially only work with the Nexus 6. Why just one phone? Why not other Nexus phones, as well?

Google’s wireless plan reportedly blends access to both T-Mobile USA and Sprint networks, along with Wi-Fi, automatically selecting the best available option at any moment to complete calls and data requests. That’s an uncommon approach for a network, and Google wants to get it right.

In an effort to better control the experience and make sure the networks work perfectly with the hardware, the company will start with just the Nexus 6, which is manufactured by Motorola as part of Google’s official Nexus line. Assuming that works out well, it seems likely that Google will expand access to future Nexus phones, and perhaps eventually other Android devices as well.

The report claims that Google’s MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) carrier service could launch in the coming weeks, although it could happen later. For anyone in the States intrigued by the very large (but very good) device, it could be a great opportunity to jump ship and try a new kind of carrier.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]