Fisker's bespoke Thunderbolt only strikes once

One-off Aston Martin-based speed machine ramps up the 007 factor

Yippee! A new Aston Martin!

Hold your horses. We don't want to disappoint you, but this isn't exactly a brand new Aston Martin. Rather, it's a a 'reimagining' of the Vanquish by a certain Henrik Fisker, the man responsible for designing the DB9.

Oh, so what's the deal?

Mr Fisker has taken the already stunning silhouette of the Vanquish - a 568bhp continent crossing monster - and added his own styling cues. In fact, the exterior has been completely reshaped with hand laid carbon fibre. There's a pronounced 'power dome' on the bonnet, deep air intakes at the front and futuristic blade-like lamps at the front and rear. The Thunderbolt has also been lowered by 15mm and decked out with gargantuan 21-inch alloy wheels.

So it's a Pimp My Ride job?

Erm, we wouldn't like to say that to Henrik Fisker's face but the concept is really just a design study rather than a spanking new model. In fact, Fisker said that it was merely a one-off to wow crowds at the super swanky Amelia Island Concours d'Elegence in Florida but he will consider making you one if you're pockets are deep enough.

Is it fast?

Yes. It's an Aston Martin Vanquish, so that means it's powered by a V12 engine that's capable of propelling the machine from 0-100kmph in just 3.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 324kmph. Although, the fancy leather and champagne holders might add a little weight and slow it down slightly...

Fancy leather and champagne holders, are you kidding?

No, the interior is pretty special. It has been trimmed with plush Natuzzi leather from Italy's premier furniture manufacturer. The rear seats also feature a special cradle for two bottles of champagne, complete with mini seatbelts so the fizz doesn't explode under hard acceleration. It's all very James Bond in there.

Any good gadgets I should be aware of?

Yes, the Thunderbolt features a curved 11.6-inch control screen from Panasonic, which is a first in the automotive sector. Unfortunately, road-going versions won't feature this tech but Fisker will throw in a snazzy Maurice Lacroix ‘Skeleton' chronograph clock that's built into the dashboard to soften the blow.

What does Aston Martin say about all this?

They aren't particularly pleased. In fact, despite Fisker admitting that his one-off concept is in no way endorsed by the British marque, Aston has filed a lawsuit against the Danish designer, stating that his conduct has been "wholly unacceptable". Whoopsie.