‌Forget cables, Stuffcool’s power bank charges phones without wires

10000mAh with up to 10W charging
17 December 2019 / 15:57IST

If you own any of the flagships from Samsung, Google or Apple, then you should consider this power bank as an important accessory in your bag. Stuffcool’s WB110 wireless power bank supports Qi-certified charging with speeds between 5W and 10W for most compatible modern smartphones today. Additionally, you can also use the PD18W USB Type-C and QC3 Compatible USB A Ports for fast-charging smartphones that don’t feature wireless charging options. Priced at ₹3799, the WB110 is one of the first power banks to sport a USB Type-C output port, and includes a bundled USB Type-C cable too. What more — this power bank can also act as a wireless charger while charging its own batteries.

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