BenQ Mobuiz EX2710S is for the gamers that want 165Hz

Because 144Hz is not enough
25 August 2021 / 15:23IST

The Mobuiz line-up from BenQ is for gamers with tight pockets and high ambitions. The FullHD monitor is packed to the brim with features for gaming, and doing so competitively! We reviewed the 25in variant a few months ago and it is one of the best budget gaming monitors out there. The 27in here is not only a wee-bit bigger but it’s a wee-bit faster too. A whopping 165Hz refresh rate with 1ms of response time. There’s even a speaker built-in for when you want to enjoy a few episodes of anime on Netflix. Bonus points if the show/movie is in HDR because the Mobuiz EX2710S supports HDR and has 99% sRGB colour gamut. You can add this to your gaming setup for ₹24,700. If you want to know more about the monitor, you can read our review on the 25in variant. The features are pretty much the same across both monitors except for the higher refresh rate and slightly bigger screen on the 27in.