Dyson Corrale is a precious new addition to your personal indulgences

Heat to the rescue
07 September 2020 / 13:01IST

The perfect hair stylers exist, and Dyson keeps proving it by introducing revolutionary hair and personal care products year after year. Heat, tension and control are the three pillars of the world of hair straightening, and walking on this tightrope is worst for ones reliant on products that help you get rid of daily frizz with heat, heat, and more heat! Dyson Corrale features yet another pioneering technology to help you overcome this dependence on heat and reducing the damage it causes to your hair. Innovation being their main business, reengineering products of everyday use and bringing them up to the level of perfection is now a matter of habit for the UK-based brand. The patented micro hinged plate technology flexes to shape and gather hair, applying even heat and tension to all the hair strands and keeping them perfectly aligned, reducing the reliance on heat, which, sadly, is one of the main factors when it comes to straightening your hair. Heat is necessary to break the hydrogen bonds, tension and compression to reshape them, and control to achieve the perfect style. This ultimate hair straightener is dropping today at a sweet ₹36,900, complete with its flexible, precision-controlled heat plates that can be used in both cord and cordless modes to tame that stubborn mane!

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