The Suntable is a solar-powered table speaker to keep your pint on

It’s for pool parties and cool kids
13 May 2020 / 16:19IST

Pool parties are so unorganised. Where’s the speaker? On the table? It doesn’t work because it needs to charge. The charging port is halfway across your mansion. Ugh! So many first world problems that you might as well squeeze inside the bathroom tub. All that is about to change. The Suntable is squeezing the right amount of tech into an outdoor table. The waterproof JBL speakers on its stem take care of the DJ situation, in full 360. It’s powered by the solar panel on the top where you can keep your drinks too. And in any eventuality that your Apple Music stops streaming because the iPhone needs to juice up, there are USB ports and even a wireless charger built in the table. You can use it indoors too, but let’s face it, there’s a fancier set of tech waiting for life inside the mansion. You can back it up on Kickstarter right now for $299 and, hopefully, have it shipped by the end of the lockdown.