Instagram Reels is here to fill your TikTok void

Tick tock… time’s have changed
08 July 2020 / 15:40IST

After the Indian Govt kicked out 59 Chinese origin apps, the headline app to bite the dust was TikTok. Cringy or not, it was a cultural phenomenon and after being banished from the app stores, creators and crying teens have been feeling left out for their emotional outpour. So it's natural that Instagram Reels, which was being tested in Brazil, France and Germany, swooped in and gave the crying audience a platform to do so. Starting today from 7:30PM, users will be able to access Instagram Reels from Instagram camera. You can record hands-free, add music, record your own music and voice over, add AR effects, speed up or slow down parts of the video and even use align to line up objects before recording (for those super quick outfit changing videos).