Eight great new Chrome extensions – and 13 classics you should download now

The Classics: Money Savers

9) Honey

Few people want to be the person at the checkout fumbling over tatty old coupons and causing a supermarket pile-up. Honey lets you check out voucher codes for reams of retailers without doing the digging yourself. For some retailers it’ll even automatically try out all of the available codes.

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10) The Camelizer

If you want to do all of your Christmas shopping in an hour or two rather than dragging it out into a two-month saga, Amazon is the way forward. Its prices change all the time, though. To check if you’re not potentially on the cusp of a radical price drop, you can use the Camelizer plug-in to check the entire price history of products.

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11) Mockingbird Freebooks

If only you'd known the Philip K Dick book you've just ordered from Amazon is available as a free ebook from Project Gutenberg. Install this Chrome extension to avoid making the same howler again. 

Mockingbird will automatically flash a message with a download link if the book you're looking it is available as a free download. It currently works with Amazon, Goodreads, Audible and Barnes & Noble. Project Gutenberg has 50,000 free ebooks, which is just about enough to cover your flight.

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The Classics: Performance Boosters

12) The Great Suspender

Tabbed web browsing is a godsend, of course – how else would we keep one eye on our Gmail inbox, another on the cricket score and a third on that eBay auction we’re trying to win? But tabs can also prove a giant memory drain on your computer, hogging all the RAM and slowing everything down. This extension helps by automatically suspending non-used open tabs until they’re required. You might lose that eBay auction, but you’ll gain a speedier laptop.

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13) Pushbullet

Pushbullet brings your computer and smartphone together in a brilliant marriage of convenience. With this extension installed, you can send and receive SMS messages on your desktop, reply to messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Kik, have all your phone’s notifications appear on your computer, move files easily between devices (including universal copy and paste) and much more. iPhone users should know that many of the features are exclusive to Android phones and that some (such as on-computer SMS and the ability to copy and paste from phone to desktop, or vice versa, require you pay a subscription fee of US$39.99 a year or US$4.99 a month).

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14) Tab Wrangler

Like The Great Suspender, Tab Wrangler is an extension that aims to save you time and free up memory by automatically managing your browser tabs. If you’re the sort of person who ends up with 25 open tabs without trying, this’ll shave precious seconds off your day by closing the unused ones for you.

Options include the ability to set a time limit on tabs, closing them after a period of inactivity, as well as lock selected tabs to prevent closure. Closed tabs are kept in a “Tab Corral” (a sort of history folder) allowing you to retrieve them easily.

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