Game of the Year 2018

Awards Winner
After some seriously heated debated, God of War beats Red Dead Redemption 2 to this title - because it’s one of the best games we’ve played this console generation. It could easily have decimated all expectations on its heavily burdened shoulders but instead, this is the most visceral PS4 experience there is to be had today. Stunning environments, gory kill animations, gripping storyline and gameplay only Gods deserve, there’s all that and so much more in abundance here. It’s hard to fathom how many things God of War has got absolutely spot on, making for a massive surge of satisfaction for the senses.

The runners-up

Rockstar's sprawling Western captivated us from start-to-finish, with its sweeping scale, preposterous attention to detail, and gripping narrative raising the bar for open-world gaming at every available opportunity.

Games based on superheroes are curiously difficult to get right, but by giving you an open world to swing around and plenty to do, Marvel’s Spider-Man succeeds where others have failed

Things had stagnated slightly with the AC franchise but Odyssey’s highly rewarding progression system, immensely satisfying combat and stunning world bring it back to somewhere close to its best.

Microsoft’s free-roaming racer left tyre marks all over Britain’s green and pleasant land this year, proving once again that it’s not so much about crossing the line, it’s the fun you have on the journey.