Top 10 pieces of tech that were named wrongly


Kind of like Autocorrect, this smart aleck tool tries to read your mind and fails in the most irrelevant ways ever. Just take Google’s search bar for example. We’ve spent many hours being entertained by the results it pulls up, which also serve to inform us of the stereotypes in life.

Honest name: Autostereotype, as it's way more judgemental than most of us are.

PS. While some Autocompletes can be accurate, this isn't at all. 


While faces are definitely involved, books are not. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college friends, the social networking giant has since weaved its way up the tech titan ladder. If they mean that it's kind of like a face handbook for stalkers, it'd make perfect sense.

Honest name:, although admittedly, it doesn’t quite have the same ring. But it will after a few more years of use.

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Forgive us, but when we think spam, we think luncheon meat. Blame it on globalisation. But what does email you don’t want to receive have to do with good old spam? Spam is delicious, but you can’t even eat emails.

Honest name: Cmail in which case ‘c’ stands for crap. What? We’re just telling it like it is.


What could it possibly meme? Bet you didn’t know that it came from the word 'mimicry', and was first coined by Richard Dawkins for a subject totally unrelated to what it has become today. Surprisingly intelligent origins for a word that has spawned a million mildly stupid but incredibly entertaining ideas.

Honest name: Mockery, as in "I am making a mockery out of you".

Image: Izismile


The humble hash has always been used in information technology to denote special meaning, and our earliest memory of it would be in mIRC where it’d be used to label groups or topics. Inspired by that, Chris Messina then suggested it to drive a similar system to group conversations of similar topics, but it has since morphed into a different species of #toomuchinformation that #nobodycares about.

Honest name: TMI-tags

Image: Sophiedeconingh

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