Pioneer ceasing Kuro plasma production in May

The recent news that Pioneer would be retiring its "none more black" KURO plasma TVs had home cinema fans drenching their popcorn with bitte

Yep, Electricpig says that Pioneer will roll out its final batch of high-end tellies in less than two months' time. At which point we'll be donning a (very) black armband and pouring out some beer on the kerb for what is probably the finest range of TVs we've ever laid eyes on.

Fortunately, the company has decided to produce one last run of its current models, so from 1st April (next Wednesday), you'll be able to buy yourself a piece of televisual history by shelling out for a 50-inch KRP-500A or KRP-500M, or a 60-inch KRP-600A or KRP-600M. Only 3,000 of these screens will be built, though, so don't expect them to be available for long.