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Pioneer NEX in-car systems now support Apple CarPlay

A free firmware update bring Apple’s iPhone integration four of Pioneer UK’s dashboard multimedia receivers

Pioneer has become the first maker of in-car entertainment systems to offer support for Apple’s CarPlay platform.

First announced back in April, CarPlay-enabling firmware updates for four of the company’s current UK-sold NEX systems are now available to download. The supported systems are the AVIC-F60DAB, the AVIC-F960BT, the AVIC-F960DAB and the AVH-X8600BT.

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For those who already own one of the above models, the updates can be downloaded from Pioneer’s website.

CarPlay, which allows you to neatly integrate your iPhone with your in-car entertainment system with a simple cable connection, has been available on new cars since March of this year, but as yet Pioneer is the only company offering an after-market option to car owners. Alpine and Clarion are reportedly preparing their own CarPlay-compatible systems for imminent launch, however.

CarPlay requires an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 7.1 or above.

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