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Pioneer Opus-Quad system targets style-conscious pro DJs

Fashion focused all-in-one wants pride of place at any music venue

Pioneer Opus Quad hot stuff

If you spin tunes at the sort of establishment with a “no jeans, trainers or football shirts” door policy, you don’t want your DJ equipment letting the side down. Pioneer’s new Opus Quad is an all-in-one system that majors on design, so should look just as primo as the clientele you’re playing to.

Aimed at pros working in hotels, bars and other classy venues, the Opus Quad swaps dull black plastic and a rats nest of cables for a wooden finish and hidden LEDs for a more subtle light show. It’s got a bit of a retro vibe, like someone at Pioneer saw an Atari 2600 and thought “Yeah, that’ll work”. Copper coloured control knobs should be easier to find in low light, too.

The idea is to move the DJ from the corner or back of the room to centre stage, while still packing all the features you’d expect from a standalone setup. That means four-deck playback (new for any Pioneer standalone), support for multiple media sources, Pioneer’s Smart Cue tech for convenient cueing, and a bundle of inputs and outputs for hooking up to PA systems, laptops and other gear. Multiple screens and illuminated jog dials should make picking and mixing tracks a breeze, and there’s no shortage of faders, channel monitor LEDs or control dials.

The jog dials have dimples and a textured finish to add grip, and light up in pre-assigned colours to indicate playing status so you don’t always have to reach for your headphones to to check your tracks are spinning. Pioneer has also sculpted the top plate and sloped it towards the DJ, to make it more comfortable to rest your hands on when not mixing.

There’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on-board, plus four USB ports, and it supports multi-zone output for if you’re playing two spaces at once. Wedding and event DJs take note.

It will get Rekordbox compatibility in April, for organising playlists through an Android or iOS device, and Serato support will follow later in the year for full-on live performances using track stems.

The Pioneer Opus-Quad is ready for venues and DJs to snap up right now, with prices set at £2899 in the UK and $3,199 in the US.

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