O2 Joggler app store coming this year, internet radio now live

O2 has announced its Joggler device is set to get its own app store before the year is out, with news that customers can now get access to the first a

Released earlier this year, the Joggler works as a shared family organiser so everyone can keep track of what everyone is doing and when, as well as being a photo viewer, video player and RSS reader.

Now both current and new owners alike will be able to listen to over 100 internet radio stations through their Joggler for free, and thanks to a software update, will soon have access to plenty more applications with the planned release of an SDK for developers followed by an app store launch before the end of the year.

This will apparently begin with free applications, but will extend in to a wide range of paid for applications as well, which could include internet shopping apps and video recipes for example.

If that wasn't all the Joggler news you could handle, O2 has also confirmed a lower price point for its device which will now start £50 cheaper than previously, at £99.99.

Would you consider a Joggler for your household? Or do you already have one? Let us know your thoughts below.