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New rumours suggest Apple’s going big with a 14.1-inch iPad. Will it work?

An iPad bigger than a MacBook? That's an iPad not-so-mini

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Apple’s developer conference recently wrapped up, where we saw all of this year’s new software updates. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any new iPads alongside the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro hardware announcements. But we did get a few changes in iPadOS 16, including the new Stage Manager multitasking. But dwarfing (quite literally) all of that news is one rumour that Apple is working on a larger iPad.

According to a new report from Ross Young, a 14.1-inch iPad is in the works over in Cupertino. Initially, Young predicted this was a new version of iPad Pro, but has since revised this to the run-of-the-mill standard model.

Super-sized, super-skinny, and super-normal: What the 14.1-inch iPad might offer

Despite initially thinking the new Apple tablet would feature a MiniLED display and ProMotion, Young has clarified that this is not the case. This means the display will be a standard LED one, just like the current 10.2-inch standard iPad. While this isn’t great news, it does mean that Apple will be able to offer the new device at non-Pro prices. At least your wallet will be happy.

Surprisingly, we confirmed that the 14.1″ iPad will not have MiniLEDs after all, just regular LED edge lighting. It will also not likely be ProMotion either after talking with panel suppliers. So, it won’t likely be an iPad Pro, just an iPad. Q1’23 still looks likely though.

Ross Young

Is there any good news about this device? Thanks to the EU’s ruling on USB-C and the fact Apple is stuffing the non-Lightning port on iPads, we’re pretty confident the device will feature USB-C. Due to the size of the display, expect full Apple Pencil support, too. While currently unclear, we’d expect a redesign to the slimmer bezel design on the iPad Pro, Air, and mini.

Young holds a 92.9% accuracy rating at the time of writing, putting his new report in good standing. Previously, he correctly reported a bunch of changes to the 2021 iPad mini and 2021 MacBook Pro refresh, among others in the past as well. Young is a display panel expert, so this new report is right up his alley.

What the 14.1-inch iPad might look like

We’re pretty confident that this report is correct due to Young’s accuracy, but that opens up another can of worms entirely. Why would Apple do this? With non-Pro features, this looks like it’ll be a very large iPad that’s not all that great. Stage Manager has been a fairly controversial feature, but, whatever your stance, isn’t exactly the ground-breaking multitasking, Mac-like feature we’ve all been after.

A 14.1-inch iPad would require Apple to bring something new to the table, especially in the realms of multitasking, to take advantage of the sheer size. With such a large tablet, it’d be great if they’d throw in the table as well. Currently, we’re not quite sure what that could be, or more importantly, if Apple will deliver.

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