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There might be a 15-inch version of the MacBook Air coming in spring 2023

More Air incoming!

Two MacBook Airs in blue, one with the screen visible with the Ventura stock wallpaper, against a purple background

2022’s refresh of the MacBook Air was a big one. Featuring an all-new design ditching the wedge, adding the notch, and slapping on some new ports, Apple‘s “light” laptop got a rather sizeable upgrade. We were big fans, too, scoring the machine a perfect five stars out of five in our review. But it seems the brand isn’t finished with its MacBook Air changes.

According to a new rumour from display analyst Ross Young, a new MacBook Air is entering panel production in Q1 2023 with a 15.5-inch panel. Young expects the device to then launch in the spring, as it did this year. While this is a rumour, Young has a rather spot-on reputation when it comes to Apple gear. That “i” shaped cut-out hiding underneath the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island? Young was one of the first to report on the change.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a 15-inch Air either, there have been murmurings for a little while now. But this is the first more concrete rumour for the new laptop. We’d expect the laptop to take the same design as 2022’s refresh, with the notch, MagSafe, and other new additions. It’s not yet clear if this would sit alongside the existing 13-inch offering, or if the 15-inch model would replace it. The former seems more likely, but this makes things a little complicated.

If Apple were to add a larger MacBook Air model to the line-up, it would start to clutter Apple’s slate of laptops. Two Air models, three Pro models, and potentially a smaller 12-inch MacBook revival incoming – that’s a lot to pick from. The Pros come in three sizes, so it seems like Apple is prime to add an additional Air size option, but where will it fit in? You can spec out the current MacBook Air to more-or-less the price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro. If a 15-inch Air were to slot in between them, why not jump for the Pro device?

It could mean price hikes for MacBooks, like the iPads earlier this year. Or, it could mean a slightly more cluttered MacBook line-up with extra models to give customers more choice, but confuse them too. We’ll keep our eyes peeled throughout 2023 to see what happens. We might have Apple’s VR headset launch to come first.