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New report slates Apple headset launch for January 2023 event

(Virtual) reality isn't always fair

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For full details on the now-launched headset, check out Apple Vision Pro: everything you need to know about the mixed reality headset

Apple is barely wrapped up from its WWDC keynote event, and new rumours and reports are already starting to swirl. WWDC 2022 didn’t introduce Apple’s VR (virtual reality) headset, as some thought it might. And a new report reckons that we’ll have a little longer to wait before strapping the shiny new gadget to our eyes.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report provides a revised timeline for the VR headset. Kuo predicts that there will be a special, dedicated public launch event for the new product in January 2023. Let’s hope we get to see it and Tim Cook’s classic “Good morning” inside rather than out if it’s in January. Tools for developers will then ship within the following four weeks to allow them to work on software, and pre-orders are slated to begin in the spring, with orders arriving before June.

Until recently, the agreed-upon expected release for Apple’s VR headset was this year. Other recent reports, such as one from Bloomberg, have also revised the estimated time of arrival to 2023. With Kuo’s new, more detailed timeline prediction, the reality (real, not virtual) of a 2023 launch seems most likely. Of course, this is still speculation, and we won’t know when Apple will release the VR headset until it does.

Is there any good news? We know Apple is definitely working on the device, and it is nearly ready. The company recently held a demo for the board, which is usually a step further down the line for a new product. Apple also holds a trademark for realityOS, likely the name of the software for the VR headset. For now, we’ll just have to wait a little while longer in the real world.

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