Lenovo launches 3 tablets/smart displays at IFA 2019: Which is for you?

Large and luggable or small and standing? You've got choices

IFA 2019 is positively raging right now in Berlin as the tech world shows off its latest wares, and Lenovo got in on the fun tonight with a wide array of announcements.

Amidst the pile are a pair of new tablets and an updated smart display, all of which offer distinctive features and design elements and all of which are built to sit at the center of your smart home. A couple of them are rather affordable, too.

Got an itch to touch a new screen that's larger than your smartphone's? Here's a look at Lenovo's new devices and the benefits of each.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab (€299)

Looking for a large Android tablet that's flexible enough to work in a variety of situations? As the name suggests, Lenovo's Yoga Smart Tab does just that. It's not like the Yoga 2-in-1 laptops, but rather, the Yoga Smart Tab has a built-in kickstand that supports four different arrangements.

That makes this 10.1in Full HD tablet ideal for viewing videos and other media in an array of situations. And thanks to the kickstand, you can also set it up to use the Google Assistant's Ambient Mode, so it acts like a standalone smart display. It has three far-field mics built in to hear you at a distance, along with Dolby Atmos support for audio output.

It's not a powerhouse, thanks to its modest Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chip inside, but the size, versatility, and 10-hour battery should still make it pretty appealing at that price.

Lenovo Smart Tab M8 (£119)

Meanwhile, Lenovo's Smart Tab M8 opts for a different approach. It's a smaller 8in tablet, and the 800p screen and quad-core MediaTek A22 Tab processor suggest less firepower onboard. That's to be expected from the price.

What's interesting here is that the Smart Tab M8 comes with a dock that not only charges the device, but also makes it easy to keep the tablet setup as a smart display when not otherwise in use. You still get a tablet that's able to stream Netflix and other media where you please, but it's one that doubles as a fixed smart screen when docked.

Lenovo Smart Display 7 (£129)

Got enough portable screens? Fair enough. On the other hand, then, Lenovo's new Smart Display 7 takes the core concept of last year's strong first-gen Smart Display and trims it down to a much smaller screen and footprint, keeping the functionality with less required space.

That makes this 7in home hub a potentially more ideal fit for a kitchen counter, or perhaps the table where you toss your mail and the contents of your pockets when you get home. The 1024x600 screen won't blow any minds, but it doesn't need to: this affordable smart display should do just fine showing calendar notifications, video calls, and more.