Christmas Gift Guide – watches

Give your loved one the gift of time for Christmas with one of these tasty timepieces

A watch makes a great, but pricey, Christmas present. We've selected some new timepieces that won't break your prezzy budget (maybe)…

Android Transdivemaster Nightvision


The styling of a U-Boat or TW Steel for less cash – and it's a numbered limited edition. The case is a massive 50mm wide and contains a Swiss quartz movement.

WeWood Chrono


Wearing a wooden watch is a bold statement, in the vein of Lady GaGa's meat suit without the obvious madness and slightly off smell by the end of the night.

Tissot Heritage Visodate


Mad Men's retro chic is very in. Hence, so is this gorgeous, classic automatic timepiece from Tissot.

Phosphor E-Ink World Time

from US$150

E-ink is all about legibility, and if there's one thing you need from a watch dial, it's the ability to read it. And for it to be telling the right time. This sleek E-ink wristhugger can also display multiple timezones.

Pulsar Istanbul PS6003X1


Seiko's value brand is still turning out some classy watches, including this chronograph inspired by the World Rally Championship.

Tokyoflash Kisai RPM


Those crazy Japanese, they love zany, indecipherable nonsense. The RPM is inspired by a DJ turntable, and in typical Tokyoflash style  displays the time via a series of LEDs. It's also rechargeable by USB.

D&G Snowboard


Stylish, contemporary quartz ticker that'll look at home on the piste, in the pub or at the dinner party.

For more great watches, check out the January issue of Stuff magazine.

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