The best drones deals - June 2017

Find sky-high savings on some new aerial entertainment, saving up to £380 on a DJI drone and £255 on a Parrot drone

2017 is truly the year of the drones. From pocket-sized flyers to ultra-expensive aerial machines, it's never been easier to hop on the high-flying bandwagon.

Fancy picking up a drone of your own? Good news: we've brought all of the best offers together, right here.

Whether you want a mini-copter to get you started, or a pro-shooter for your next movie, look no further than our basket of brilliant bargains.

Just remember: however good the price, it doesn't include flying skills.

Entry-level drones deals

DJI Spark

A perfect beginner's drone, the Spark has flown down from gadget heaven

Buy the DJI Spark here from Maplin for £519 or from DJI (USA) for $499 (around £390) 


Parrot Bebop

More of a toy than a serious flying machine, Parrot's original Bebop remains user-friendly and fun - once you've mastered the controls. It'll do flips, rolls and more, all whilst capturing surprisingly decent footage.

Buy the Parrot Bebop here for £173.99 from eGlobal Central - saving over £255 


DJI Phantom 3 Standard

This budget Phantom jettisons some functionality, but retains its core greatness. It's straightforward to fly and, crucially, delivers superb photo and video quality. Sure, it's less impressive than its superior sibligns - but it's also cheaper, by hundreds of pounds.

Buy the DJI Phantom 3 Standard here for £434.99 from Toys R U - saving over £210 


Parrot Bebop 2

It might be more wallet-friendly than other drones, but Parrot's Bebop 2 is far from perfect. Camera quality is average and the connection can be worryingly choppy. Still, a decent battery life and small size make it an OK first flyer for the price.

Buy the Parrot Bebop 2 here for £369.99 from Amazon - saving over £180 


Yuneec Breeze 4K

Easy to fly - at the expense of versatility and responsiveness - automated modes make this a drone for the selfie generation. Wi-Fi limits the range and battery could be better, but GPS and downward-facing sensors keep it relatively steady in flight.

Buy the Yuneec Breeze 4K here for £349.00 from Wex photographic - saving over £90 

Pro drones deals

DJI Phantom 3 Vision Professional

The world's best consumer quadcopter - upgraded: DJI's Vision Pro is powerful, user-friendly and real fun to fly. In fact, with an improved remote and a super app, including HD live-feed abilities, the only negative is a little low-light grain.

Buy the DJI Phantom 3 Vision Professional here for £799.00 from Drones Direct - saving £360 


DJI Phantom 4 

If you've got the readies, DJI's Phantom 4 is the place to start. Whilst autonomous modes make it a boon for beginners, pro-fliers will welcome the extra tech on-board - including a fantastic camera and an even better gimbal.

Buy the DJI Phantom 4 here for £999 from Amazon - saving over £160

Buy the DJI Phantom 4 kit here for £775.99 from eGlobal central - saving over £380


Yuneec Typhoon H

A six-bladed copter that's properly stable in windy conditions, Yuneec's Typhoon H carries a host of high-end features - including dual-operator compatibility, retractable landing gear and - of course - a good quality camera.

Buy the Yuneec Typhoon H here for £859.00 from Conrad Electronics - saving over £250