Apple iPhone XI preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Apple Pencil support for an iPhone? It could happen...

We may only be months away from the next iPhones, and the rumour mill has churning out theories about the next big thing for some time now.

That's par for the course with Apple, naturally, but the rumours and reports have often panned out with recent handsets. And while some of these bits might seem far-fetched, we have to give to credence to the fact that we might already be hearing actual facts about the new iPhone.

Will it be the iPhone XI? The iPhone 11? The iPhone X2, if we want to throw all reasonable naming and numerical conventions out the window? We aren't sure yet – but we have heard some other things about what might be on the horizon. Here's what we know so far.

What will the Apple iPhone XI look like?

Have you seen the iPhone X? Yeah, it'll look a lot like that.

Do you really think Apple is going to scrap that eye-catching design after one go? Hell, they've used the iPhone 6 aesthetic for four straight flagships now – this one's not going away anytime soon.

What could change, according to that KGI Securities report, are the sizes and materials based on which model you end up with. Along with an upgraded edition of the standard 5.8in edition, the report suggests a larger 6.5in version that's much the same… but bigger, of course. An iPhone XI Plus, if you will.

And there could be another size in the middle of those two: 6.1in. But it won't be quite the same: that's reported to be the new entry-level edition, using aluminium for the frame instead of stainless steel, an LCD screen instead of OLED, and a single back camera. Same punchy design, less top-end materials.

According to Kuo in July 2018, the 5.8in and 6.5in OLED models should ship in the Space Grey and Silver finishes as last year, along with a new gold option.

But it's the 6.1in versions that could pack some real pop, as he expects to see "grey, white, blue, red, and orange" options (via 9to5Mac). It's been a while since Apple had a wide range of colours in the mix, since the plastic-shelled iPhone 5c, but it would sure be interesting to see the company tilt back slightly from its purely high-end focus.

What you're seeing above are purported leaked images (from May 2018) of pastel-coloured iPhone XI editions from the production line. It's hard to tell, but it seems like at least one has a gold-coloured frame like the one seen on the leaked FCC listing of the gold iPhone X that Apple still hasn't released.

Honestly, these don't look flashy or premium enough for £999 phones – but if they're just test samples, then maybe a production version would pack more polish. Or maybe these are for the lower-end, LCD-packing model, kind of like the old iPhone 5c packed in some bolder colours on the cheaper end of the price range.

The source (TechnoCodex) isn't very well-known or proven, however, so take these so-called leaks with a grain of salt for now.