Xiaomi’s new Mi TV 2S is a sub-RM2000 4K monster

And it’s so thin, it’s almost two-dimensional

The Xiaomi launch today heralded the arrival of a new addition to their TV line - the Mi TV 2S.

Powered by a MStar 6A928 processor running four 1.4GHz Cortex A17 CPU cores to make your movie marathoning experience as smooth as possible, the 48in TV runs the latest MIUI.

Its 9.9mm aluminium frame is almost as waif-like as the Mi 4 (so claims Xiaomi proudly) and comes in a smattering of colour options to appeal to the fusspots. Everything about the Mi TV 2S is delightfully minimalist, right down to its specially designed power plug. Unless we’re talking about its visual and audio prowess.

Its 4K lossless display was built to compete in the big leagues. During the launch, comparisons with offerings from competing companies like Sony, Samsung, and Sharp were made. And predictably, the Mi TV 2S came out ahead in terms of all important visual aspects like colour, contrast, and of course, clarity.

Audio was not spared as well, pitted in a blind listening test against the Bose CineMate SR 1. No Mi TV prizes for guessing who came out tops.

For the serious TV addicts, the Mi TV 2S also comes in a Theatre Edition that includes a soundbar and subwoofer. Based on Dolby sound technology, you can be sure that your neighbours will hear every cinematic explosion in whatever Michael Bay movie you’re watching.

The Mi TV 2S is retailing for CNY 2999 (RM1840 on its own and CNY 3999 (RM2460) with the Theatre Edition. Now here’s the bad news - it will only be retailing in China for now. But you know what they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.