U Mobile celebrates being rated fastest network with 1GB data giveaway

Ookla put U Mobile on top of its mobile network speed rankings

With all the 4G catfighting/one-upmanship between DiGi and Maxis, it sure came as a surprise to see U Mobile winning the 4G network speed race. Well, according to network tester Ookla in its recent ranking of Malaysian networks.

Ookla is known most for its popular Speedtest diagnostic test. It recently posted its Malaysia Fastest ISPs and Mobile Networks rankings and while Telekom Malaysia won the ISP category, U Mobile beat Celcom, Maxis and DiGi, in that order respectively. U Mobile apparently managed to hit 22.58Mbps, with closest competitor Celcom managing 19.46Mbps.

U Mobile is celebrating by giving away 1GB of free data to all its customers, prepaid and postpaid, valid for a month starting from Dec 1 to Dec 31.

We're just waiting for the other telcos to chime in and say that Ookla's tests in no way actually reflect the user experience or speeds. In the meantime, U Mobile users, enjoy your free data!