This tiny, shiny box plays all the retro games you’ll ever need

Pocketable plug-and-play power for throwback gamers

Oh, the PS4 Pro! I’ve got one on my Christmas list.

Err, not quite - though it is pretty. If you’re a magpie. Anyway, this silver beast is the RetroEngine Sigma and, whilst it doesn’t quite rival Sony’s flagship on specs, it’s sure to bring joy to the thumbs of any gamer with US$59 (RM260) to spare and a love of gaming’s 8-bit glory days.

So it’s really old fashioned? I thought Stuff was all about fancy new gadgets?

Well, we do love fancy new gadgets. But we also love great retro tech - and this nifty box is a bit of both. Powered by Linux, the RetroEngine Sigma connects to your telly via HDMI and lets you play hundreds of historic titles. Sure, you could faff about buying your own Raspberry Pi and tinkering together a throwback machine yourself - but if you’re eager to get playing right away this is the way to do it.

Will it play all of my favourites?

Most of them, yes. It ships with 15 titles pre-installed and, once you’ve got it online, the Sigma can run a host of additional emulators - from Gameboy and Nintendo 64 to PlayStation, Commodore and more. Simply head online or stick a microSD card in the built-in slot and you’ll be able to button mash to all the golden oldies - most of which can be easily found online.

What else will it do?

Gosh, you’re a greedy one. Whilst its raison d’être is good old games, the Sigma will also do double duty as a media centre, with support for 4K content. In fact, it’s basically a mini-computer that’s well disposed to tweaks and upgrades. It’s super small, too, so you can stick it in your pocket for take-anywhere entertainment to share.

All-time greats

Can I stick my old controllers in it?

If they’re USB-equipped, sure. It’s got two slots, as well as an expansion port for even more fun. For fancy, modern sorts, there’s even the option to connect Bluetooth peripherals using a dinky dongle. Oh, and there’s Wi-Fi on-board, too, so you’ll be able to use your smartphone as a gamepad.

I’ve binned my Gameboy and sold my Megadrive. Count me in!

We salute your keenness. Thankfully, the Sigma has rapidly surpassed its Indiegogo funding goal and looks all set to ship in May 2017. If you bag a US$59 (RM260) bundle, you’ll get a Sigma, controller and microSD card pre-installed with all you’ll need to get started.