The Nexus 6P gets a deep discount in Malaysia

It's not the Pixel but at this price, does that matter?

While the Google Pixel and its successor might never make it to Malaysia, if you've been wanting to add a 'Google Phone' to your phone arsenal, then DirectD is selling the Nexus 6P at a discount.

At RM1899, the phone isn't cheap especially considering its once flagship grade specs are a little outdated. While it does have a Snapdragon 810 processor, it only comes with 3GB of RAM: for that price, you could get something like Huawei's Honor 8 Pro with a better processor and a lot more RAM.

But for those who like a sleeker Android experience, the Nexus 6P does have that. But Google will stop pushing security updates to the Nexus 6P by September 2018. 

Still if you'd like a cheaper alternative to getting a Pixel, then maybe consider the Nexus 6P.

You can order the phone online at DirectD here.