LG brings back the flip phone with the LG Wine Smart

For those with nostalgic leanings, perhaps

We’re not entirely sure why the LG brought the flip phone back, but say hello the LG Wine Smart, called Gentle in South Korea.

LG says the phone is targeted at a “generation of users who are more accustomed to the feel of flip phones.” We’ll take that to mean “your mom and dad.”

As far as specs go, you’re looking at rather minimal specs here as, come on, how much can you stuff into a small flip phone of slightly archaic design? There’s a quad-core 1.1Ghz Snapdragon 210, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage expandable with a microSD slot, a 3MP camera at the back with a front VGA shooter and a 1,700mAh battery.

While the specs overall seem dated, the Wine Smart does support LTE and runs Android 5.1.1. The phone sells for about US$170 in South Korea so expect it to cost a little bit more internationally.