Live Stream Directly To Youtube With Canon’s Updated PowerShot G7X Mark III

A redesigned Powershot G5 X Mark II was also announced
09 July 2019 / 13:24MYT

Canon has recently announced updated models of the widely popular PowerShot G series cameras with a feature enhanced Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III and a redesigned Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II. Both cameras retain their compact size, boasts improved 20MP CMOS sensors, powered by Canon’s DIGIC 8 image processors, offers uncropped 30fps 4K and 120fps 1080p video recordings, and have USB-C support with USB Power Delivery charging capabilities.

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

Canon is marketing the G7X Mark III with a heavy emphasis on video production, especially for Youtube vloggers. As mentioned before, the camera offers uncropped 4K, HDR, and 1080p video recording which guarantees high quality output, but what takes the cake for this device is the ability to connect directly to Youtube’s Live Streaming service via built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Its pre-installed Youtube streaming application also allows users to schedule their live streams which eliminates the need of connecting the G7X Mark III to an interface on your phone or PC. On top of live streaming, you’ll be able to record your stream simultaneously if you wish to post edit and upload it to your channel at a later time after the initial live stream.

Amusingly, the G7X Mark III also supports vertical video recording which is pretty handy for pissing off traditionalists and for shooting Instagram-based videos. Speaking of, the camera does not have an integrated Instagram application so you will still need to transfer your videos to your phone or PC if you wish to upload content there.

Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II

The PowerShot G5X Mark II has been redesigned to be more of an all-rounder compact camera with a premium feel. Design changes include the removal of its center mounted EVF (Electronic View Finder) housing with hot shoe mount, and replaced it with a pop-up EVF instead for a more streamlined and near-seamless look. Like its predecessor, the pop-up flash remains but is now reallocated to the center of the camera’s top deck. Other updates include a longer integrated 24-120mm 5x optical zoom lens, touch and drag autofocus, a new panoramic shooting mode. Unlike its G7X cousin, the G5X unfortunately does not have an integrated Youtube application for direct live streaming via Wi-Fi.

The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III and G5X Mark II are slated to be released in August with retail prices of USD 899.99 (~MYR 3,730) and USD 749.99 (~MYR 3,100) respectively. Canon Malaysia has yet to announce its official local availability and pricing.

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