Stuff’s Life Hacks: 14 Google Search shortcuts to make your life easier

Why search the hard way when there’s an easier shorter way?

“What do you mean I’ve been doing it wrong? Don’t you just enter the search terms into the search bar?”

Technically, yes. But you’ll find yourself having to go through an entire stack of results of vaguely associated terms if you don’t Google right. Don't worry, we’ve got all the tips for shortcuts to searching smarter.

Search on specific sites

The search feature on sites might not function as well as Google search. If you’re interested in only reading our expert opinion on everything Apple, and want to disregard every other site. Just type this in: iPhone: Boom, everything we’ve ever written on the iPhone.

Remember, (insert search term): (site you want to search on)

Calculate tips

There’s a tip calculator built right into Google search. Just type tip calculator into the search bar and enter the relevant details into the fields.

You could use the calculator app on your smartphone, but this is a dedicated feature so you get all the options to fill in the bill, the tip in percentage, as well as the number of people. What you get then is a breakdown of the tip and total each person has to pay. It's super convenient if you’re splitting the cost.

Convert measurements

Instead of searching for a site that does conversions, you can do the converting directly within the Google search bar itself. Just type (insert measurement one) to (insert measurement two) and the results will apply on the page itself without you having to jump into any website.

It can even convert digital storage (bits to bytes) and fuel consumption. Just look through the drop-down menus.

Time in other countries

Wondering if your friend overseas is awake for a Skype date? All you have to do is enter time: (insert country) to find out. It also gives you the day and date in case you get confused. There’s no need to go to a site and select the right country from a list of too many.