10 of the most aww-some GoPro videos ever made

Baby Swing

Watch this 10-month-old babble and gurgle as he vocalises how much he loves hitting the swings. We especially love the badass choice of soundtrack for this video. All that drool is not the cutest though. 

Snow Monkey Hot Tub

Pink-faced and fuzzy, snow monkeys kind of remind us of … us, really. Maybe not the fuzzy bit, but we imagine we’d be equally pink-faced sitting in a hot tub in the middle of all that snow. The aww in this particular case might be more regretful than cute-induced.

Doberman Chases a Squirrel

Thought dobermans were big bad dogs? You’re right. Only to squirrels in this video though as Sullivan the doberman nearly nails a squirrel. Relax, we’re not monsters, that squirrel's near death experience is not the cute factor. It’s the little whines Sully makes when he’s told it’s too cold to go out. 

Pelican Learns to Fly

Bigbird the pelican was unceremoniously ditched by his flock, but the good news is he was taken in by some good people who then perched a GoPro on his beak to record his first flight. See if you can catch any emotion in his eyes, but from what we've seen, it seems that pelicans are pretty chill about this whole flying thing.