Want to be an author? Kindle Scout can help

Amazon’s Kindle Scout platform lets readers vote for your manuscript

Being a writer is not an easy life.

You lock yourself away in a dark room, put on some jazz and sit there alone, feverishly hammering out a manuscript, only to see snarky publishers curl their lips in disdain as they crush your dreams. Amazon’s Kindle Scout does away with that, letting readers decide whether your book gets published.

Amazon’s the 300kg gorilla in the publishing room. You know that. So why take your chances with pretentious book agents and ignorant publishers who wouldn’t know a masterpiece if they walked into it? Instead, what if Amazon decided to publish your book?

That might be the pipe dream of every creative writing student, but guess what? Dreams do come true - Amazon’s bringing over its Kindle Scout publishing platform to India. So what is Kindle Scout and how is it different from self-publishing? Well, you submit excerpts from your unpublished book, and wait for Amazon users to vote for it.

If you’re selected, you can get a contract with Kindle Press - how does a 5-year contract, with a $1,500 advance, Amazon marketing and a 50% royalty rate sound? Good, right? So get cracking, writers. Brew up some coffee, lock yourself away and don’t stop till you’re done!