Now you can locate your lost phone with an Android Wear watch

Update works with Android Device Manager to let you ask your watch to find your phone

Wearable devices have the benefit of being consistently strapped to your body, but smartphones don’t have the same perk - and they can be unknowingly misplaced, lodged in couch cushions, or even stolen. That's no good.

Luckily, Android Device Manager exists to help you find your lost Android phone or tablet using another device, and starting today (or soon), you’ll also be able to use your Android Wear smartwatch to perform the very same task.

The feature is starting to roll out now, and should reach all Android Wear devices “over the next few weeks,” says Google’s Android software engineer, Andrew Flynn. Once updated, simply pull up your watch and say, “OK Google. Start. Find my phone.” Alternately, you can select the “Find my phone” option that appears in the Start menu.

At that point, your phone will ring at full blast, no matter which setting you had it at, and you’ll have a much better chance of locating it. Here’s hoping it’s dropped beneath a car seat or buried under a pile of clothes rather than, say, in some random stranger’s pocket.

Google also adds that some 30 million people have benefitted from Android Device Manager since it launch in 2013, using the app to find their lost phones, and that number is sure to keep rising as more devices are added into the ecosystem.

[Source: Official Android Blog]