Daiwa announces new 4K UHD TV with dbx-tv technology

Aims for a better audio-visual experience without soundbar needs

While most flat-panel televisions have puny speakers that sound unreal, adding a soundbar or hooking up the TV to external speakers is the only way you can enjoy any entertainment. While some brands do offer better performing speakers within the TV itself, the price of the TV enters a non-affordable range. To make the deal sweater, Daiwa has now announced a partnership with dbx-tv and offers a new 43in 4K TV at ₹24,990, and also a 43in FHD TV for just ₹21,990. The two new models (Smart D43QUHS (109 cm) 4K UHD and D43QFS (109cm) FHD LED TV) feature dbx-tv’s audio tech that promises superior audio performance Daiwa also claims that with the AI feature, the audio from commercials are also reduces automatically. The TV also feature the brand’s own The Big Wall UI that automatically curates all free, premium and fermium content for the user. The 4K TV sports 2GB RAM and 16GB storage while the FHD TV uses 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. Both TVs are based on Android 9.0 and are powers by a quad-core processor.