The Hero5 is not even aged yet and GoPro’s dropped the Hero6 Black upon us. It’s no surprise I am in utter shock and equally ecstatic.

What can be plunged into water, cold enough to crack your throat, attached to the side of your off-road vehicle to capture oncoming walls of liquid mud in glorious slow-mo at 1080p or 4K@60fps and be tiny enough to fit inside your denim pocket?  Hint, it’s not a double cheeseburger.

We tend to think about food in the most random situations, but the point here is that the GoPro Hero6 Black is the double cheeseburger of action cams if you are hungry to capture the special moments of your life in astonishing detail.

On the outside, the hamster-sized camera looks exactly like the Hero5 Black, however this time GoPro has their own processor (GP1) doing the number crunching duties on the inside which does a lot of good.

For starters, the Hero6 Black is slicker to operate, videos look eye-rubbing splendid, dynamic range is off the charts and transfers over Wi-Fi don’t mean that you have to make yourself a sandwich. Here we go again.


I thought GoPro was playing a cruel joke with me as they handed the review sample in my hands.

The Hero6 Black looks like a clone of the Hero5 Black, and it is, only on the outside though. It is a familiar design, which means if you have used a GoPro before, you will feel right at home. If you are a new user, the simple control system will have you up and running in no time at all. Oh, it still is built like a tank, which means, it will survive a few drops or more, easy.

The grippy rubberised exterior stays, which ensures you can get a good hold of it when you execute innovative shots. It is still water-proof up to 10 meters and if you have any older accessories tucked away in the shelf, don’t dump them into the trash yet. The Hero6 Black is compatible with older GoPro accessories.


The new GoPro Hero6 features a first-ever custom chip designed by GoPro. GP1, as it is called, helps you shoot fluider videos in 4K@60fps and neater slow-mo videos at 240fps while keeping the resolution pinned at 1080p. However, that’s not all...

This one improves on its electronic image stabilisation, which ensures you won’t miss the lack of optical stabilisation.

Slow-mo videos are now neater as you can shoot at 240fps@1080p, there is a huge improvement in shooting 4K, you now get to shoot at 60fps.

Finally one of my favourite bits is that overall improved low-light performance and staggering dynamic range the camera offers.



Working with QuikStories is now a breeze thanks to the slick interface and a faster 5GHz Wi-Fi spec upgrade that lets you transfer videos to your smartphone or tablet in a hurry. The app itself is Godsent if you need an automatically edited video of your footage in minutes. It adds a pretty convincing soundtrack too.


If you have something like the Hero6 Black in your arsenal, you will most certainly end up shooting everything in glorious 4K resolution. If you do that, the battery will run out in about 45, from a full charge.

Shooting at 1080p will boost that time to about 90 minutes, hence if you are travelling to a spot with minimal or no charging options, keep a separate battery pack ready to go. I always travel with two batteries so, while I am using one, the other gets charged.

The good bit here is that it's the same battery that does duty on the Hero5 Black, so if you have any of those lying around, they can be put to use.

Stuff says... 

GoPro Hero6 Black review

The GoPro Hero6 Black truly improves on a ton of things and is clearly the best action cam you can get your hands on!  
Good Stuff 
Improved EIS
Records 4K@60FPS and 1080p slow-mo at 240FPS
Impressive dynamic range, low-light performance
Built like a tank
Slick interface
Faster transfers over Wi-Fi
Bad Stuff 
Shooting in 4K slashes battery life by half

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