Nokia 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A6+

Budget hitters brawling it out

Nokia is striding towards rekindling that undisputed customer loyalty while Samsung is shrinking down its flagship experiences to cheaper devices.

The Nokia 7 Plus is ticking all the right boxes to sit in your pocket while the A6+ is trying to squeeze in a bit more of the Samsung experience. Year two has been rather interesting for Nokia with the 7 Plus and we’re more than excited to let these mid-rangers brawl it out.

We pit both these bargain-tastic devices against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Design: Nokia does it different

Nokia has made sure not to lose a ‘spot the difference’ test among smartphones. With more of them looking like metal slabs, especially under the 30K budget, it's hard to tell any difference between them.

To differentiate it from the rest of the rectangular slabs, Nokia has opted for an aluminium chassis that has a brilliantly beautiful copper colour scheme. It also has the same copper accents along the screen, fingerprint sensor and dual-camera module on the rear.

An all metal jacket for Samsung is a sturdier option but it's relatively heavier and looks drab. The fingerprint sensor is placed right below the camera and accidental smudges are a regular feature.

Verdict: Nokia 7 Plus


Screen: Can’t wrestle the TV giant

If you really hate notches, both these devices have chosen to stick to a very Pixel 2 XL-esque design. Rooting out the abomination that is the notch.

These 6in smartphones have the same Full HD+ resolution and while there’s a bare minimum difference between both, we did find the Samsung’s sAMOLED screen to be better equipped for handling colour accuracy.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy A6+

Camera: a close up

The money shot for most manufacturers is to get the camera right. The A6+’s 16MP + 5MP  rear cams offers better camera quality in terms of edge detection for bokeh shots in perfect light conditions. However it does stumble with exposure at times, at least until you tap to refocus.

The Nokia 7 Plus sports a dual lens 12 MP and 13 MP rear camera setup with 2x optical zoom along with a 16 MP front camera. These cameras boast of Zeiss optics and make quite the impression on paper.  It works as close to the A6+ as it gets, putting out good detail and colour accuracy under well-lit conditions.

Low light shots are mediocre in both the devices, though the Nokia has an HDR mode which is missing from the A6+. It’s still not good enough to pass off as an extra feature due to the amount of time it takes to click a single shot with HDR on.

Nokia does pull out all the stops by getting 4K recording at 30fps here but how important is that for you over selfie shots is still a debate. You see, the front 24MP camera of the A6+ keeps the Snapchat selfie game strictly awesome. The front-facing flash is super bright and powerful. You can adjust the level of intensity of the flash depending upon how much you want to punish your eyes.

Verdict: Draw


Performance, OS and battery: Clean and powerful Nokia

A complete stock Android experience with monthly security updates and the promise of getting two years of version updates on a phone that costs ₹26k? Get outta here! You better believe it. The Nokia 7 Plus is part of the Android One programme that should make the stock Android lovers very happy indeed. The device comes with Android 8.1.0 Oreo with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor which makes mincemeat of most tasks along with the 4 GB of RAM.

The Snapdragon 450 and 4GB of RAM in Samsung A6+ keep things nice and smooth but not as smooth as the Snapdragon 660 sitting inside the Nokia 7 Plus. Even Samsung’s own skin on top of Android Oreo is really close to the Samsung flagships of 2018. But that again brings forth a host of Samsung apps which are cumbersome and copy most of Google’s apps. Don’t need two mailing apps, browsers, notes and app stores? Samsung graciously lets you tweak everything and dump it in one folder to forget about it. But we’re strong believers of a lighter Android experience.

The 3800mAh battery on the Nokia 7 Plus lasted us about one and half day while the Samsung lasted a good one day at 3500mAh.

Verdict: Nokia 7 Plus


Verdict: Nostalgia hits the right spots

Both are priced the same. The Nokia 7 Plus is for ₹25,999 and the Samsung Galaxy A6+ is dropping at ₹25,990.

At the same cost, the specs that Nokia offers are hard to beat. The fresh coat of paint makes all the difference to appeal aesthetically but if that doesn't convince you then how about a better processor? The Snapdragon 660 processor inside the Nokia is slick enough to outperform the Snapdragon 450 inside the Samsung A6+.

Even the cleaner Android OS on Nokia is always a smarter option to stick to. Though we love the screen and camera of the Samsung, it’s not miles apart from its competitor here.

Finally, the 3800mAh battery on the Nokia 7 Plus is bigger than the 3500mAh battery of the Samsung A6+. Weirdly enough, the Nokia is lighter too with that big battery.

Winner: Nokia 7 Plus