6 concepts we wish the new iPhone would take after

Please be real, please be real, please be real...

As great a phone as the iPhone might be, it’s becoming, dare we say it, a tad predictable.

Year on year, we see incremental differences in terms of design. Come 9th September, we’d like to be surprised and see Apple take some cues from these out-of-the-world concepts.

Riho Kroll

This concept champions a low-power secondary screen for notification and time checking. It’s fired up once you grab the phone or touch its sides. That way your eyes won’t get flash blasted just because you want to check on the time. We’re digging the idea of touch-sensitive sides in this concept because it would lead to fewer smudges on our screen. But it'd also mean we couldn't slap a protective case on our new iPhone.

Yasser Farahi

This concept is so detailed, it even has a dedicated site and a spiffy video to boot. Featuring a sapphire glass display, an ambitious 12MP rear camera and 5GB of RAM, this is the iPhone we all want our iPhones to grow up to be. Plus, it comes with barely-there bezels and a wireless charging dock that looks exactly like another iPhone.