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This portable router has a built-in VPN to keep you safer online

ExpressVPN already makes a VPN, so this portable router is a great addition to keep you safe online by shielding your traffic

ExpressVPN Aircove Go portable router

If you’re a regular web surfer, a reliable VPN might be a good idea to keep you safer online. A VPN is a service that lets you fake your location online, by redirecting your internet connection via the VPN service’s servers around the world. It often requires software to set up, which can be off-putting to anyone that’s unfamiliar. But this router is a portable device with a VPN already built-in, so all you need to do is switch it on and browse.

ExpressVPN is already behind one of the best VPN services. Last year, the brand launched a router with a built-in VPN. But this new device is the first portable router to have a VPN baked in. Dubbed the Aircove Go, this portable device brings secure, private internet to wherever you roam. Gone are the days of trusting public Wi-Fi as much as you’d trust a weather forecast in Blighty.

With the Aircove Go, ExpressVPN lets you shield your online activities from those prying eyes. The real magic here is the Wi-Fi link feature. With this, you can connect to any local network without an Ethernet cable. Say you pop to a coffee shop. You connect the Aircove Go to the shop’s public Wi-Fi, and all of your devices connect to your router – keeping you safe. Since the device is a router, all your gadgets will connect automatically. So you only need to connect your portable router.

Stay safe with a VPN

We’ve already compiled the best paid-for VPN services, as well as which free VPN services can help you surf the internet in privacy. But all the major services have deals pretty much tailor-made for whatever protection and features you need from a VPN service. A few of our personal recommendations are:

Under the hood, Aircove Go is kitted out with the same top-notch tech as most routers – packing Wi-Fi 6 technology for that sweet, sweet speedy and stable connection we all crave. ExpressVPN hasn’t skimped on other security features, either. The Aircove Go is loaded with all the bells and whistles to keep the digital bogeymen at bay. It has ad blockers and nasty site filters switched on by default. And there’s a customisable digital curfew for the little ones. Plus, it organizes all your gadgets into neat little digital groups, because who doesn’t love a bit of organization?

It’s powered by a USB-C adapter, because ExpressVPN knows the value of keeping things convenient. And how about the practical elements? The Aircove Go can protect as many devices as you can hook up to it. It’s suitable for spaces up to 750 square feet, so can easily keep you safe wherever you are.

Fancy taking online security on the go? ExpressVPN’s palm-sized portable router is hitting the virtual shelves of Amazon priced at $169.90. The Aircove Go is ready to ship to over 30 countries, and is a worthwhile addition to your tech backpack.

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