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Philips’ latest robot vacuum is its smartest yet, mopping and vacuuming your gaff

The smartest sucker yet packs 5000 Pa of suction power and 180 minutes of battery.

Philips HomeRun 7000 Series Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are arguably one of the easiest ways to clean your home. Taking the hard work out of cleaning the floors, you can pop your feet up while the little droids run around and clean up your mess. But what about tackling different types of floors? Philips’ latest dust-sucker is its smartest yet, and can mop and vacuum for both hard and carpeted floors. Take that, dirt!

Philips‘ HomeRun 7000 Series robot vacuum is the brand’s smartest dust-sucker yet. For carpeted floors, the vacuum uses 5000 Pa of suction power to pick up crumbs, pet hair, and larger bits of grime. This robot vacuum will automatically crank the power up depending on how thick your carpet is. And when it comes time to mop the hard floors, the vibrating microfiber mop will automatically wipe up layers of dirt.

There are plenty of other smarts in this dust-sucker as well. The robot packs a LiDAR sensor and laser navigation to detect obstacles, walls, and furniture. It can also dodge small objects, like shoes or toys you might have left out, so it doesn’t crash into them. Plus, the sensor maps out your room, so the vacuum can take the best path and avoid missing any spots. It’s on 97mm neigh, so can crawl under sofas and beds. And Philips reckons the 5200mAh battery will give you 180 minutes worth of cleaning. On top of all this, the HomeRun 7000 Series finds its way back to the docking station, where it automatically empties into a 3L bag.

Fancy setting Philips’ HomeRun 7000 Series loose in your home to clean up? The robot vacuum is available to order online from £800, and will ship out immediately.

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