The 25 best Google Daydream apps and games

UPDATED: Now with even more must-see VR apps and games

Google's Daydream View headset is light, comfy, and stylish - like a well-made pair of cosy winter slippers, if you like.

Strap your slippers to your face though, and not much will happen - well, other than you banging your toe on the coffee table and cursing yourself for doing something so silly.

Place Google's swanky smartphone-powered headset on your noggin though, and you'll be greeted with a world of virtual possibilities. If you've got the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9, or one of the various other compatible phones (see below for the full list), then you really ought to pick up the Daydream View headset and see what the VR buzz is all about.

The content library is steadily growing, and there's some great stuff available already. Here's a look at our 25 favourite Daydream apps and games right now, along with the Play Store links to get them on to your phone and into your face.

Additional words by Esat Dedezade

Rez Infinite (£free + IAP)

Rez is more than 15 years old and traces its origins back to the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, but it's been reborn in VR with Rez Infinite – and this is truly how the game was meant to be played. It was already awesome on PlayStation VR and PC, but we're blindsided by just how well it works on Daydream too.

It's straight-up stunning and runs super smooth as you soar through abstract, polygonal environments and blast enemies that approach. Rez Infinite manages to be both frenetic and totally Zen-like, thanks to its harmonious pairing of visuals and audio. And better still, it's free to download to test out the trial, with a totally-worth-it £9 in-app purchase to unlock the full game.

Download it here

Eclipse: Edge of Light (£8.49)

Daydream's mandatory motion controller means VR games can add in a fair bit of interactivity, and Eclipse: Edge of Light is easily one of the most impressive examples we've seen to date on the platform.

It's a first-person adventure, but rather than ride on the rail of a fixed path, you're given free rein to wander around, fire your jetpack to boost about, and use a mystical artifact to solve environmental puzzles. You're also able to look freely and can even see your own video-game hand moving with your Daydream controller. The controls can feel a bit fumbly, admittedly, but Eclipse still stands out from the pack and warrants its higher-than-most price point.

Download it here

Audio Factory (£free)

Like a lot of VR experiences – especially those on mobile – Audio Factory is more or less a tech demo. However, this tech demo comes from Google, and it's a lot more impressive than your average quick-hit experience.

As the name suggests, Audio Factory is all about sound: it's a showcase for spatial VR audio using regular ol' wired earbuds, and it really impresses as you fiddle with electrical currents, trigger the showers in a faux forest, and strum strings. It's short but sweet, and definitely worth the 10 minutes of your time.

Download it here

Blade Runner: Revelations (US$8.99)

It's not cheap, certainly, but Blade Runner: Revelations should scratch the itch of serious fans of the sci-fi movie series. It clicks pretty quickly once you're cruising in your hovercar over the familiar futuristic version of Los Angeles from the original flick, and continues as you explore the stunning streets on foot.

From there, it's slower-paced: you'll talk to locals, collect items, and search for clues while attempting to solve crimes. But even if Revelations isn't exactly action-packed, the sights really are dazzling, and the adventure might fill in some gaps between the films.

Download it here

BBC Earth: Life in VR (£free)

It's a shame that younger kids aren't really meant to use VR headsets, because BBC Earth: Life in VR is a truly stunning little educational experience. In any case, it's still a fun little ride for users of all ages.

The "Californian Coast" experience finds you following a Sea Otter deep below the waves, as well as swimming through a kelp forest and a few other bits. The cartoonish style is crisp and vivid, while the narration helps you actually learn something while staring slack-jawed at the beauty surrounding you.

Download it here