The 30 most anticipated games of 2017

UPDATED: It's been a busy couple months, but there's plenty more ahead

If you thought 2016 was a great year for gaming – and it was, truly – just wait 'til you see what 2017 has in store.

We've already had some brilliant releases, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and there's plenty more ahead. Switch owners are surely looking for the next batch of releases, and we'll see Microsoft's Project Scorpio later this year, but PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players have lots on the horizon too.

Wonder what all the fuss is about? Have a look below: we've collected the 30 games that we're most excited about for the rest of 2017, and since many other huge games will surely be announced during the year, we'll be updating this article frequently with the latest and greatest picks still on the horizon.

1) Red Dead Redemption 2

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

Anything that Rockstar makes these days is cause for celebration, but especially a sequel to the utterly beloved Red Dead Redemption, which let us live out our Wild West dreams in a stunning open world filled with outlaws and opportunities alike.

We don't have a lot of hard details on Red Dead Redemption 2 right now, but John Marston is back and he appears to be packing a posse – plus the game looks gorgeous already. Rumours suggest it might be a prequel of some sorts, but whatever the case, we don't need convincing. Rockstar says it'll have an expanded multiplayer experience, as well.

Due: Autumn 2017

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2) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Platform: Switch

Switch owners are almost unanimously knee-deep in the brilliant The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but what's next? What is Nintendo's surefire follow-up? Well, it's essentially a port of a three-year-old Wii U game, but thankfully, that game is Mario Kart 8.

Bringing one of the series' very best entries to Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundles in all of the excellent Zelda and Animal Crossing-themed DLC, and makes an even more important move in overhauling the Battle mode. Now it's more like the classic entries, and the renewed focus on head-to-head combat should make it a perfect fit for on-the-go throwdowns on Switch.

Due: 28 April

3) Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Thankfully, the wait between games is much shorter than last time, as Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is coming out in 2017 across multiple platforms. It's the same crossover fighter that we all know and love, albeit with some notable changes to the gameplay.

Gone are the three-fighter teams from the past couple of entries, dropped down to two-on-two battles, plus assist attacks are gone. Also, the new Infinity Stones mechanic lets you choose a special type of boost to augment your skills. We don't know much of the roster as of this writing, but newcomers Captain Marvel and Mega Man X are confirmed so far.

Due: TBD 2017

4) Mass Effect: Andromeda

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Set 600 years after Commander Shepard's trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda promises an entirely new sci-fi experience for fans: new characters, new galaxy (Andromeda), and new threats and opportunities as you shape your own story amidst the stars.

Andromeda has more of an open-world feel than the last couple of Mass Effect games and runs on EA's now-standard Frostbite engine, which means it looks pretty spectacular from what we've seen (and is enhanced on the PS4 Pro). It was already delayed out of 2016, but luckily we don't have much longer to wait to begin this fresh adventure.

Due: 23 March

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5) Persona 5

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PS3

Starting with the fifth main entry of a story-centric role-playing series might seem like a recipe for confusion, but like Final Fantasy, the Persona games are standalone releases – and if you haven't experienced this cult-favourite series, then Persona 5 might be the ideal jumping-on point.

You'll play as a teenage student in Tokyo, but aside from attending class and chatting up friends, you can enter a supernatural realm and battle creatures based other people's psyches. Weird? Totally, but in a charming and really gripping way, and the contrast between the two worlds and lives is super intriguing. Furthermore, Persona 5's cel-shaded look is dazzling, and it has some of the most amazing UI/menu work we've seen in a game. Really!

Due: 4 April

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6) Super Mario Odyssey

Platform: Nintendo Switch

A brand new 3D Mario game pegged as a successor to the absolutely classic Super Mario 64? Yes, we'll surely buy a Switch for that, if Zelda doesn't already do the trick. We'll have to wait a little while for this one, unfortunately, but the early tease is equally amazing and perplexing.

A realistic human city? Bouncing fork creatures? Mario's hat is… alive? Clearly, Miyamoto hasn't lost his creative touch, and if Super Mario Odyssey ends up being a bit mad, well, so be it. Bring on the weird, Mario.

Due: Holiday 2017

7) God of War

Platform: PlayStation 4

Sony's sensational hack-and-slash franchise is getting a fresh start with the plainly-titled God of War, which swaps out Greek mythology for Norse and gives Kratos some interesting new things: a beard, a giant axe instead of dual blades… oh, and a son, too.

It's not a reboot since it still falls into chronology after God of War III, but this new game makes some big changes to the combat, adds RPG-like elements, and has more of a behind-the-back perspective rather than a zoomed-out third-person view. Can Kratos still be the ultimate badass while mentoring and protecting his son? We'll find out – hopefully before year's end.

Due: TBD 2017

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8) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Platform: PlayStation 4

Another Uncharted game already? Didn't Uncharted 4 put Drake's story to bed? It did, true, but The Lost Legacy doesn't star that well-known explorer, nor does it star any dude at all. Instead, series favourite Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2 takes the lead, and is flanked by Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4.

It's sure to strike a different tone, given the lack of Drake, but don't expect anything too different: The Lost Legacy was planned as an Uncharted 4 expansion before it was bulked up and turned into a standalone release. Still, we'll happily take another shot of Naughty Dog's vaunted cinematic storytelling before the further-off The Last of Us Part II comes around.

Due: TBD 2017

9) TumbleSeed

Platforms: Switch, PS4, PC

What's a "rolly roguelike?" Well, it's wildly adorable and undeniably charming, for starters, but TumbleSeed isn't likely to be a breeze. Roguelike games are almost always immensely challenging and highly unforgiving, but TumbleSeed tackles the genre in a very different way.

Rather than, say, battling through a dungeon, you'll guide a little seed up a procedurally generated mountain using both analog sticks to continually raise the roly-poly lead. Special abilities and quick reflexes should help you push farther and farther with each run, assuming you don't get too distracted by the beautiful artwork and super-catchy soundtrack. It looks like a perfect fit for the Switch in particular.

Due: Spring 2017

10) Days Gone

Platform: PlayStation 4

The Last of Us meets Sons of Anarchy meets World War Z? It's an imperfect comparison, but it'll do for Sony's Days Gone for now. Developed by Sony's Bend Studio (Syphon Filter), this PS4 exclusive finds its biker hero faced with roving packs of zombie attackers.

These zombies (or rather, "infected") are fast and they are surely plentiful: in demos and trailers, we've seen giant packs of them burst through doors as they scramble to attack hero Deacon St. John. Survival is the goal, of course, and you'll have lots of options as you tackle each frantic new scenario that emerges.

Due: TBD 2017

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