LG V40 ThinQ preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: LG offers a first glimpse at its five-camera phone

LG has struggled to find its place in the flagship world in recent years. The G5's modular approach never caught on, the alluring G6 was very quickly overshadowed, and this year's G7 ThinQ already seemed like a second-tier option when it launched.

Last year's LG V30 had some compelling qualities about it, especially for on-the-go video creation, but came up short thanks to screen issues and an underwhelming camera setup. What's next, then? Well, it's the LG V40 ThinQ, as the company has officially confirmed, and it'll be revealed come October.

Leaks and teases point to five total cameras in tow, but will that help LG rise back to the top of the pack? Here's what we've heard so far.