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Apple Watch Series 10 preview: everything we know so far

Whether it’s called the Series 10 or Series X, here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s next-gen timepiece

The upcoming release of the Apple Watch Series 10 will mark the device’s 10th anniversary, so it’s safe to assume that Apple has something special up its sleeve. The interwebs are rife with rumours, with many pundits suggesting that Apple will mark the occasion with an Apple Watch X, with a fully revamped design.

Given that Apple pulled a similar move with the iPhone X on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, it’s more than likely that the rumours are based on some form of truth, but it’s still worth taking everything below with a giant pile of salt. With that disclaimer out the way, set your Hype-o-meter’s to Tentatively Optimistic, and let’s take a look at what we can potentially expect from the Apple Watch 10.

Apple Watch Series 10 Release date

With a few distant exceptions, almost every iteration of the Apple Watch has launched in September, so it’s likely that this year will be no exception. The very first model didn’t actually hit shelves until April 2015 (despite being unveiled in September 2014), so we suppose there’s a slim chance that Apple might release the Series 10/Series X in April 2025, but that’s pure speculation at this stage. For the sake of impatient gadget fans, we’re going to optimistically stick with a September 2024 release date.

Design and bands

According to Bloomberg’s reliable Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch 10/X will land with a major redesign, which is great news for those who feel that the current design has become a little stale. The general consensus is that the revamped Watch 10 will be thinner, with a slimmer casing and a refreshed design. 

The specified details remain a mystery, and it’ll be rather interesting to see if Apple chooses to stick to its rectangular guns for the overall design and shape. We imagine that the Digital Crown will also be staying, given its importance in navigation in both the Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro, but who knows — maybe there’s something else waiting in the wings to usurp it.

According to Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 10/X will also have a new magnetic band attachment system, removing the existing band cutouts, creating more internal room while allowing the overall case to be thinner in the process.

Naturally, this means that existing Apple Watch bands are unlikely to work with the newer model, which will be a bit of a blow to those of us who’ve built up a considerable collection over the years. Having said that, there’s no progress without change, and the idea of magnetically attachable bands sounds convenient enough to win us over.


One of the major upgrades we expect to see in the Apple Watch Series 10/X, is an all-new microLED display, Gurman has previously reported that Apple is looking to shift away from relying on Samsung for its displays, choosing instead to create them in-house.

Apple has, according to reports, more than 300 people working on developing microLED displays, with a very, very healthy budget powering their efforts. The tech itself is regarded to be the holy grail of display technology, combining the rich blacks and contrast of OLED, with the brightness and zero burn-in risk of traditional LEDs. If the rumours are true, the Apple Watch Series 10 is likely to be the first major mainstream device featuring a microLED screen, which could pave the way for others to follow suit. 


Aside from the fact that the Apple Watch 10 will be the most powerful Apple Watch to date (a given with any Apple product launch), we’re hoping to see some more advanced health and fitness features make an appearance as well. Many people belive that we could see blood pressure monitoring as standard, with the ability for hypertension detection.

There’s also the possibility of improved sleep tracking, with sleep apnea detection thrown in for good measure, based on a user’s breathing patterns and general restlessness. And while the rumours of built-in blood glucose monitoring have circulated for years, it’s unlikely that we’ll see it make an appearance any time soon.

That’s all the info we have on the Apple Watch Series 10 for now, but we’ll be sure to keep this feature updated with more news, as and when it comes in.

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